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Journey to Baby

Documentation of the hardest moments I've ever faced.
We have been trying to conceive for 3 years and just recently (2012) began seeking more aggressive treatment
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Jun 21st at 11PM / tagged: ttc. iui. ivf. infertility. bfn. bfp. :(. fml. pregnant?. / 0 notes

Is every ounce of hope I have left, that you exist right now inside me. I want you so bad it’s sickening, to the point that you have completely taken over my life. Every morning this week i’ve woken up and the single thought on my mind is you - but the answer to the test is always no. Why?
You are all I want. Your father and I are begging for you. Why cant we have you? Why does infertility have to constantly fill my life with pain? What can I do to fix this? Nothing!