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Journey to Baby

Documentation of the hardest moments I've ever faced.
We have been trying to conceive for 3 years and just recently (2012) began seeking more aggressive treatment
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Baseline Ultrasound

TTC Cycle # 40. Medicated Cycle #2.

Have you ever thought of how disgusting a base line ultrasound is?
Going into the clinic this morning made me sick to my stomach. I felt so bad for the technician, and even warned her “you know it’s cycle day 3 so I’m still bleeding.” 
It isn’t like she’s not used to it. She already knew. You could tell I’m a rookie in the IUI category.

Base line ultrasound went fine. I have a little bit of pain on my left ovary, but there wasnt anything there and the nurse said i was probably starting to make a follie.

So, here goes another cycle, another round of clomid, prednisone, and night sweats, another trigger shot in my tummy, another painful annoying expensive IUI, and another long, LONG, lonnnnnnnng two week wait.

On a side note, im getting this IUI a few days before my birthday.